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Sometimes manual therapy is used to relieve pain or heal from injuries. Other times it is necessary to help stimulate a better connection to different tissues in the body and improve joint mechanics so that exercise gets more effective and beneficial.

Sometimes manual therapy can draw your attention to some sensitivity or tenderness in your muscles or tissue. This is normal when there is inflammation and pain receptors present. The manual techniques are designed to help the body process and lower that inflammation and pain, so it often results in a decrease in sensitivity as the work is being done.

You will likely see some results in your initial session, but we usually suggest 5-10 sessions to effect lasting changes.

It depends on your issues. We recommend a new client come once a week for at least a few sessions until we learn how your body reacts to the process. Ideally after we address the issues you initially need help with, we would taper off to once every other week, once every couple weeks, and once a month for maintenance. Some clients  just come in periodically for a tune up.

No. However, if you need to use insurance, you can contact Fefles Family Chiropractic and become a patient of the clinic and work with Chad through the Chiropractor’s office. 

Our costs are based on the distinct services we offer, our experience and continuing education. Please go to Book Session and choose Andrew or Chad to schedule a session to see what the cost is for each treatment. Multi-treatment packs offer a discount.

There are group classes available from Yoga and Tai Chi to ELDOA and Wellness exercise classes. Please subscribe to stay connected so we can let you know about group exercise and other workshops at Ascend Fitness Studio.

You will likely see some results in your initial session, but we usually suggest 5-10 sessions to effect lasting changes.

Many people are intimidated by gyms and physical exercise. Some others may be doing more harm than good with their exercise programs. A personal trainer will not only help you perform each exercise with awareness and precision, they will help you focus your goals to achieve your long term vision while keeping you motivated and on the right path so you can continue to ascend in accomplishment.

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